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The MCCM Difference

MC Capital Management, LLC is an independent, tech-based financial planning practice serving clients around the country. Formed in 2021 by Partners and Co-Founders Tyler Mangum and Kevin Clark, MC Capital Management brings over 20 years of combined industry experience to clients, offering independent and objective financial planning advice. Tech-based means Kevin and Tyler can help clients anywhere in the country using technology that enables virtual connections. As of November 2022, MC Capital Management represents more than 500 clients in 24 states overseeing over $80 million in assets under management.

Kevin and Tyler met in 2012 while working at Lincoln Investment Planning, LLC. Through years of working together, they realized they had the same goal – to educate individuals and families about investments, insurance, and the financial markets so they can make educated decisions about their money. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals and Accredited Investment Fiduciaries, Kevin and Tyler are personally determined and legally mandated to operate with the client’s best interest in mind. Financial Planning means every client is offered the opportunity to assist in creating their own personalized financial plan. Beyond just portfolio management or product recommendations, Kevin and Tyler offer clients help with budgeting, investments, insurance, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Custom Strategies, Objective Advice

Custom Strategies, Objective Advice

There is no one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter strategy when it comes to your financial picture. You are unique, your financial situation is unique - and for that reason, your financial plan will be unique to you.

Every conversation is about listening to you so we can understand your goals and your objectives, and address them in an efficient and easy-to-understand way.

Find out today how we can help you with your financial picture.

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