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Answers to our most common questions

Is MC Capital Management taking new clients?

Yes! We’re happy to help anyone we can, regardless of their financial situation. We are particularly grateful for referrals from existing clients.

The first meeting is a free consultation, where we find out about your situation, allow you to ask questions about us and how we work, and find out we can help you. From there, we decide with you the best way to work together moving forward.

Is there a minimum investment?

No. Your situation, including investible assets, will partially determine how we work together with you, but there is no minimum to work with us.

How are your advisors compensated?

We are primarily compensated by a percentage of investible assets. Occasionally, the relationship may dictate that an hourly rate or flat fee is an appropriate compensation method. There are certain investment products that pay commissions, and we may recommend those products if they are what’s in your best interest.

Rest assured, we are not incentivized to sell or offer any particular type of investment product, nor are we bonused or paid more by offering any particular product or company. We recommend what’s in your best interest, and as fiduciaries, are required to put your own interests ahead of our own.

What if I need to access my money?

Most investments can be sold immediately, or by 4pm ET that same business day. We can then send you a check or ACH the money directly to your bank account.

Please note there may be certain account types (such as retirement accounts) that have their own distribution requirements, set by the IRS. We can help you determine which accounts and which investments are right for you and your situation.

What is MC Capital Management's relationship with Lincoln Investment?

Lincoln Investment is the Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) for MC Capital Management. Lincoln Investment works with independent financial professionals (meaning, we are not employees of Lincoln Investment) to help us maintain compliance with FINRA, SEC, and SIPC regulations. This helps keep your accounts secure and gives you access to thousands of investment options and portfolios. We pay Lincoln Investment a portion of our revenue, and in exchange, they monitor our trades, help safeguard your accounts, and ensure we are complying with the ever-changing and complex rules of the financial services industry.

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